Be a Hearing Hero for the 20% with hearing loss and increase your revenue, retention, services, inclusion, productivity, employee relationships, compliance, and well-being.

Add Hearing Loss Awareness to Your List of Leadership Skills

Did you know 20% of your community has a hearing loss? 

Gain comprehension on how to serve and include the hard of hearing for a positive impact.

Did you know the ADA 2008 covers hearing loss disorders disabilities?

Increase your compliance, effective communication, revenue, and retention for this trillion dollar missed market niche.

Learn what the hard of hearing need professionally and personally. It's no longer an older persons health and social issue.

Did you know there are foods to improve and reduce hearing loss?

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Teresa's Story

I was born with hearing loss and did not get my first set of hearing aids until after nursing school at age 22.

Yes, I struggled growing up and do not want others to struggle with this ignored stigmatized social and health issue. 

I am a former ICU/ED Manager. Who had a potential life threatening accident for not hearing from behind and then blamed for not hearing.

The Hearing Awareness Symbol is for individual to wear and for businesses to display to let others know they are a Hearing Friendly Business. 

Get your free resources to start your hearing awareness journey. It will change your life. 


Geoffrey A. Smith, MD ENT

Dr. Smith got hearing loss in high school due to loud noise when performing in a band.

His hearing loss affected his career choice specialty.  He has suffered uncomfortably with "ringing in the ears" for years with only now finding a solution. Click the button to find out more. 

He thinks Hearing Friendly Spaces for accomodations for the hearing disorder disability is a great idea. You can learn more inside this free mini course.

He has been a hearing aid wearer since 1964.

It's time to take this 1000 year topic to the market for better access, safety, conservation, communication, and reducing stigma. 

Hearing loss needs to be addressed for businesses and individuals.

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No Discrimination

- 1 in 5 Americans has hearing loss

-Hearing loss affects every age, race, socio-economic level and gender. 

-What is your community doing to address the needs of the 20% with hearing loss?

-ADA 2008 covers hearing disorder disabilities

-Learn your ADA Rights and Responsibilities

-Ninety per cent of Deaf babies have hearing parents according to WHO.

-Why is that? Lack of knowledge. 

-What can you do to be a Hearing Hero? 

-Provide Hearing Friendly Spaces. 

-Have Hearing Friendly reserved seating

-Be a note taker for hard of hearing person

Review the Free Mini Course

Ear Healthy Choices

-Learn what food choices for ear health

-What ear eroders to avoid for hearing loss

-What exercises help ear health, thereby improving listening skills

-How to incorporate in your wellness program

-Effective communication decreases stress

-Wear high-fidelity ear plugs to conserve hearing 

-Avoid noise above 85 decibel for more than 8 hours without ear protection

-Get yearly hearing test for ALL

-Wear ear aids as soon as prescribed

-Even mild hearing loss can affect performance, career choices, promotions, and conversations.

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"Teresa has a wealth of knowledge in the importance of businesses being prepared to effectively serve customers with hearing loss. We were pleased to have the opportunity for our staff to be educated on how to recognize individuals with hearing loss and how to effectively serve them.
Businesses who are not properly trained in this area are missing a great opportunity to grow and serve a larger segment of our community."
Scott Ashton, CEO & President Oceanside Chamber of Commerce...

Teresa Barnes, RN is a former ICU/ED Registered Nurse with 20+ years’ experience in  medical industry.

She has had hearing loss since birth and understand the inconveniences of this social and health disease that affects employees, customers, students, and community members. 

Due to a potentially life-threatening accident for not hearing a warning shout from behind. 

She developed the Hearing Awareness™️Symbol to give hearing loss visibility for inclusion, safety, and accommodations with visibility.

is a graduate of UCSD Muir Campus with a B.A. in Communications and a California Board Registered Nurse. She is a member of the Carlsbad Chamber, California Restaurant Association, AARP Member,  American Nursing Association and past board member of the International  Association for Women. 


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Get Your Team Connected with Hearing Loss Awareness for Community Improvements

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." –Benjamin Franklin

Hearing Awareness Concept:     

Hearing loss is the leading communication disorder and third worst chronic health condition. 

Businesses have the ability to address this issue with training for employees for hearing friendly customer service, workplace relationships, increasing productivity, and leadership that can result in greater revenue, perhaps save hearing of child or adults with quieter hearing friendly environments and equipment. 

Spreading Hearing Awareness™️ for  changes in comprehension, compliance, safety, inclusion, and communication. 

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